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BaltimoreBeekeepers.Org aka The Baltimore Backyard Beekeeping Network (BBBN) is a place where beekeepers of all experience levels can connect, share, and learn about beekeeping. 

BaltimoreBeekeepers.org meets the third Thursday of each month. Sign up below and we’ll notify you of locations and topics. Our MeetUps include a mix of social activities and educational content including:

  • Guest speakers (YouTube celebrity beekeepers, university professors, ETC)
  • Mentor/Mentee program
  • Members gallery (YouTube and Instagram feeds)
  • How to Walkthroughs (e.g. seeing up a nuc, or package)
  • Hive Issue Identification and How to Correct
  • HiveTypes (Pros and cons)
  • Helpful Links
  • Calendar of Events
  • Meeting Minutes of past MeetUps
  • Elected Official Ranking – Bee/Pollinator Friendly
  • Call to Arms

Meanwhile please visit the Central Maryland Beekeepers Association and the Maryland State Beekeepers..

As this group is evolving into something for everyone, please provide details on changes you’d like to see incorporated. We appreciate and need everyone’s input.  With everyone’s support and energy we can be a strong advocacy for change and make Baltimore City a fun and exciting place to keep bees.